• Concussion Statistics

    A smaller brain also accelerates faster when moving inside the skull and does not require a large impact to cause damage and this can result in 80 or 90 Gs of force on the brain, even when the speeds the children collide at is very slow.

    - Dr. Cantu (Co-Director)
    The Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, Boston University, Boston MA

  • Concussion Statistics

    Soccer is the most common sport with concussion risk for females (50% chance for concussion). Impact speed of a soccer ball being headed by a player is 70mph.

  • Concussion Statistics

    The younger brain is more vulnerable to concussion. A lesser degree of trauma, of blunt force, would produce a concussion in a younger person and it takes longer for them to recover. Baseline testing should happen every single year.

    - Dr. David Dodick (Director - Mayo Clinic)
    The Sport Neurology and Concussion Program.

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Mission Statement

To Promote Athlete Safety by capturing objective baseline information that will assist medical professionals with “Return To Play” decisions.

What is ImPACT?

ImPACT is a computerized neurocognitive assessment tool to help licensed healthcare providers evaluate and manage a suspected concussion. ImPACT is the industry leader in concussion management and trusted by teams and organizations around the world.

ImPACT comes in two forms:

  1. Baseline Test – Administered by a licensed healthcare provider or a trained baseline administrator before the start of a sport season, school year, or other activity. Baseline scores are collected and stored on our privacy compliant servers. ImPACT Applications recommends re-administering the baseline test every year


  1. Post-Injury Test – Administered by a licensed healthcare provider when a concussion is suspected. Test results are compared to baseline scores and normative data scores as part of a healthcare provider's assessment of the injury. Multiple post injury tests may be given to an individual during the course of treatment and rehabilitation.

Concussion Awareness

A concussion is a brain injury caused by a direct or indirect force to the head! Coaches of every school aged athletic team and extracurricular athletic activity should be trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of concussions and the risk of “SECOND IMPACT SYNDROME.” All athletes should be required to establish a comprehensive baseline assessment at the start of any sports season.

What is ImPACT Pediatric?

ImPACT Pediatric is the only FDA-cleared concussion assessment aid for ages 5-11. ImPACT Pediatric is quick, efficient, and interesting for children to complete on the iPad. It also provides norm-referenced baseline data for ages 5-11 so clinicians can better monitor recovery and ultimately inform return to play decision.

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